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The Unity Spreader Bar is ALL NEW for 2021!  With true "Set It And Forget It" capability, constantly re-tensioning your harness is a thing of the past!  Use the ladder lock adjustment the first time you try on your harness, and then utilize the Tension Lock clamps for daily on/off!  Further, you can swap windsurf and kite hooks quickly and easily if you're a multi-sport champ!

More Info:

Ride Engine harnesses offer a best-in-class fit with unrivaled comfort and performance, and with this classic windsurfing hook you can reap all these benefits, lengthening your time on the water. Optimized windsurf-specific hook angle and width allow for easy hooking and unhooking. The Unity Windsurf Spreader Bar is also a great option for wing-surf harness lines.


  • Quick, no-slip, “set it and forget” adjustment when used in conjunction with our revolutionary Unity Ladder-Lock Straps (available exclusively on the Elite Carbon and Saber harnesses).
  • TensionLock, a unique harness closure latch that levers the final bit of tension into the closure for a true locked-in fit.
  • High-strength composite material construction.
  • Ambidextrous user interface.
  • Minimalist padding creates a clean connection between spreader bar and harness.
  • High-grade stainless-steel hook.
  • Wide hook opening for seamless compatibility with all control bars.
  • Compatible for use on all 2021 Ride Engine harnesses, as well as webbing-based harnesses.*


Size Chart:

Size Waist Size* (in.)
Spreader Bar Size (in.)
X-Small 24 - 25 8
Small 26 - 27 8
Small 28 - 29 10
Small 30 - 31 12
Medium 32 - 33 10
Medium 34 - 35 12
Large 36 - 37 10
Large 38 - 39 12
X-Large 40 - 41 10
X-Large 42 - 43 12
X-Large 43 - 44 12


* Measure Around Belly Button

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