Sailworks Flyer Foil Sail (2018)


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The Sailworks Flyer is a pretty amazing four batten, two cam powerhouse of a windsurfing sail, designed specifically for use while foiling.  It has gobs of power and stability, and matches up great with freeride and race oriented foils, and mid width to wide boards.  If you want to optimize your ride with a foil specific sail, look no further!  The Sailworks Flyer feels like an old friend and will keep you flying with a comfort and precision!

Manufacturer's Comments:

The Flyer is our foiling sail - it features a unique combination of design, tension and shaping characteristics that are specifically optimized for hydrofoil windsurfing. The design begins with a low aspect ratio, 4-batten, twin cam layout. The luff curve is very straight keeping the rig tension low, but the narrow sleeve, RDM camber system maintains a precise, articulated draft profile. The leech is tighter with less pre-twist for good pumping response, while the subtle spiral twist still maintains clean aerodynamic release.

The Flyer sails have closed top (non-adjustable) mast sleeves and require a reduced diameter mast (RDM). The Flyer sails are optimized for the NoLimitz Sumo and Carbon Twill RDM masts.


 Size Luff Medium Setting (cm) Boom Med. Set (cm) Boom Max Set (cm) Weight (kg) Battens Cams Top Base Extension (cm) Ideal Mast (RDM) IMCS
4.5 386 157 160 2.9 4 2 Closed 16 370 16-23
5.2 412 169 172 3.1 4 2 Closed 12 400 19-23
6.0 438 184 187 3.4 4 2 Closed 8 430 21-25
7.0 461 201 204 3.7 4 2 Closed 31 430 21-25

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