Sailworks Retro (2019)


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The tried and true Sailworks Retro is a freerider windsurfer's dream!  Powerful, tunable, fast, with easy handling and simple rigging.  What more could you ask for??  This cam free sail is now lighter than ever and fine tuned for the best overall sailor-experience possible.

Manufacturer's Comments:

Since 1998, the Retro has been delivering the ultimate freeride windsurfing experience. Magazine tests, pro riders and weekend rippers from around the world labeled our camless flagship windsurfing sail as legendary. Previous models outclassed the competition, now the 20th anniversary Retro outclasses legendary.

Materials research and advancement in production techniques allowed us to lighten the sail by 0.4Kg. This paired with new shaping refinements makes the Retro lighter than ever in your hands. Maneuverability is further enhanced through careful batten tweaks, sail head slimming and an ergonomically improved luff panel.

Rigging, rolling and storing the Retro is now faster than ever with improved foot batten placement and a re-tailored luff sleeve.

All the above for 5% less than last year's MSRP is impossible to beat, on and off the water.

Our flagship camless freeride sail. Intuitively simple to rig and tune, with dependable low-end power, rock solid stability, impeccable handling and control. The Retro is known and coveted for its premium function and performance offering solid, lasting equipment value.
The Retro is a proven and refined slalom sail for flat water and bump/jump windsurfing, with a bias to stability for power and speed. It delivers a wide, rideable wind range that gets you planning early, yet stays light and manageable in its top end.

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