Sealion XL



Sealion XL : For larger riders or for those who are looking for more easiness and accessibility when paddling or sailing. It also offers the option to fit a large fin as a centre board, thanks to the power box located at the board’s centre.


Our SeaLion concept is based on retro-fish surf boards, in order to mix speed and manoeuvrability even in light conditions. Along the years we have tweaked these shapes for the SeaLion to be as performing when planing in strong winds as when paddled in the surf. A wide board along its whole length, the association of a very moderate thickness makes it a stable and accessible board, without sacrificing radicalism in all conditions.

  • Balanced volume repartition
  • Continuous and slightly dug-out V bottom
  • Thin rails at the tail
  • Fish Tail
  • Evolving array of graphic colours to choose from


Length Width Volume Weight Fins
9' 29.75" 150L 20.9 lbs 21 cm twins
274 cm 75.6 cm 9.5 kg US box

Category: AHD, Board, Fin Setup: Twin, SUP, Wave, WindSUP, Windsurf

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