Slingshot Levitator Foil Board 2019/20


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The 2019 Slingshot Levitator windsurf foil board is a fantastic platform for newbies, heavyweights, and light wind locations- the high volumes make uphauling and floating around waiting for gusts easy, while the widths and foil specific rail shapes, rockerlines, and bottom shapes will help you fly in the most marginal of conditions, and push your foils as hard as you want to as well (these are FAR from being just a "beginner" board- experts will love them for their ability to handle larger sails and push the foil hard upwind/downwind with stability and power).

If you ARE a newbie, or are looking for a less "technical" ride, we recommend the 160 liter version-  the extra 15 cm of length make touch downs easier, and give the board that extra little bit of glide.

Manufacturer's Comments:


New for 2019, the Levitator is a high-volume board designed to make your journey into the amazing sport of windsurf foiling as easy and fun as possible. With tons of volume for its length, the Levitator provides early planing and easy uphauling while remaining

nimble and agile once you’re up and cruising. In light wind or when you’re learning, the buoyancy and stability to uphaul with ease and pump yourself up to speed to get on-foil will make all the difference in your success and progress. This is a board designed to get you up, foiling and having fun as quickly and easily as possible.

SIZES: 150L | 160L


  • High volume/length ratio, super stable and floaty
  • Easy to uphaul, early planing
  • Track mount lets you adjust foil position for best performance
  • Balanced foot strap placement- puts your stance where it needs to be
  • Longer length helps to touch-and-go instead of crashing
  • Built to withstand high torque and forces of foiling



Confident learning and progression is where your windsurf foiling journey starts. The Levitator’s high volume design and longer nose makes it best in class for learning to foil. Eliminate uncertainty and gain confidence while you’re in the touch and go phase. Once you are foiling, the Levitator will let you take your foil upwind, downwind and at all points of sail all while being balanced on your foil. And if the wind comes up, you can sail it like a freeride board.

 Length Width Thickness Volume Foil Connection Sail Size
6'6" / 198cm 33" / 84cm 4-1/2" / 11.5cm 150 L Adjustable Track Mount 5.0 - 7.0
7' / 213cm 34" / 86cm 4-2/5" / 11.2cm 160 L Adjustable Track Mount 5.5 - 9.0

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