Slingshot Outwit SUP Foil Board


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The Outwit is Slingshot's dedicated foil SUP board, in three sizes ranging from 5'10" up to 7'6" (100 - 140L).  The littlest one is for lightweights and advanced/expert paddlers in waves of all sizes.  The biggest is better for mid to heavyweights and folks just learning the ropes, with the mid sized 6'6" covering everyone in the middle!

The Outwit uses the track mount system and matches up best with Slingshot's FSUP foil, but can be used with other brand foils as well.  This is also a great platform for using the new Wing sails like the SlingWing 4.2m!  Multiple footstrap inserts allow for different stance widths, and the carry handle makes getting down to the water a breeze!


Manufacturer's Comments:

A versatile SUP foil board for small to medium waves, rolling swell and open-ocean downwind runs. The Outwit’s short, narrow, high-volume profile is designed to make getting up to speed and catching waves as easy as possible, while remaining agile, playful and pumpable once you’re on-foil and cruising.

+ Super buoyant for its length, keeps board compact and agile once you’re foiling.
+ Concave deck gives heel-toe leverage for responsive turning and carving.
+ Sculpted bottom contour helps with early takeoff, prevents “sticking” when you touch down.
+ Pumpable - link wave to wave without touching down.
+ Short length makes traveling and transporting easier than with traditional SUP boards.



adjustable track


Move your foil forward or back to find your sweet spot depending on size, weight, conditions and foil choice.

chined rails


Beveled edges on the underside give the board earlier release from the water and prevents edge contact when you’re on-foil and carving.

dual leash attachments


A secondary connection point helps spread from leash yank on crashes.

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