Slingshot Wizard and HoverGlide FWind V3 2020 Package


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Enjoy the advancements of the new 2020 HoverGlide FWind Foil (with Infinity 76 wing) in combination with the latest and greatest in Intermediate/Advanced wind foil boards- The 2020 Wizard board!  This is an excellent combo deal for any windsurf foiler with an ounce of experience- the Wizard is a top notch board available in 3 sizes (103, 105, and 125).  The extra short lengths provide maximum maneuverability and playfulness, while the widths allow for tons of stability and power over the foil.  The 125 is the most popular board size- big enough for reasonably easy uphauling for most users, yet still small enough to be light and very playful!  The 105 is best in class for moderate wind and strong wind foiling, perfect for lightweights or folks with some experience.  The 103 is best left to the experts- the super short length is extra responsive, but tricky to handle if you don't know what you're doing.


Manufacturer Comments and Specific Foil and Board info below:

Foil Info:

Slingshot is back again with a re-formulation of their incredibly popular FWind windsurf foil package!  Like the 2019 package, this foil includes the legendary Infinity 76 front wing, which blends early take off, low stall speeds, and stability, with a blazingly fast top speed.  It is a magic wing, perfect for freeride windsurf foiling, and also works great for surfing small to medium size waves, wake boarding, and more!

The package also has an all new foil travel case- perfect for carrying a dis-assembled foil with fleece lined wing compartments and a spot for your mast, fuselage, mounts, bolts, etc.  It also includes neoprene wing covers which work great for carrying your assembled foil and protecting the wings.

Finally, the stock mast is now the longer 91cm mast (which offers the best performance).  The smaller masts are less expensive so if you want to add the short masts for learning or shallow water areas, it isn't a huge expense.

Otherwise, you'll still find the long switch fuse, 42 cm rear wing, and both the medium tuttle mount and the pedestal mount, so you're all set for use with different boards.

Check out this magazine review of the 2019 HoverGlide FWind Foil

Manufacturer comments:

This is the go-to setup for a seamless transition from windsurfing to wind foiling. Equipped with our crowd-pleasing Infinity 76 wing, the FWind package provides the versatility, range, performance and progression that backs our claim of calling this one of the best wind foil setups on the market.

The NEW Hover Glide is the choice for maneuver-oriented sailors, and is forgiving enough for anyone who wants to take their first flight. The Infinity 76cm wing gives you super early lift off and makes getting up a breeze with just a few pumps. Hit 7-8 mph of board speed and you are up and cruising. Ultra low stall speed allows for swell and wave riding and makes foiling jibes mellow and achievable. The Infinity 76 is a self-stabilizing wing with downforce in the wing tips that kicks in at medium to high speeds, stopping the wing from over-lifting and allows you to get more weight back and push it to speeds over 25 kts. Truly a game changer! The long 91cm aluminum mast allows for ample range of flight and time to correct your errors before touching down or over-foiling. The Switch Fuse allows you to move the front wing forward or back in 3 positions to get the lift exactly where you want it, no matter what board you are riding. The Hover Glide modular system allows you to switch wings, mast lengths and fuselage lengths for a customized ride or to use on your Kite, Wake, SUP or Surf Board.

PACKAGE INCLUDES:  91cm (35”) mast, pedestal base, tuttle adapter, switch fuselage, infinity 76cm front wing, 42cm rear wing, hardware, shim, neoprene wing covers, custom travel case


+ Super early lift, plenty of side to side stability and a top end speed that will have you grinning ear to ear while you rip confidently into turns upwind or down.


+ NEW Neoprene wing covers & Custom travel case

+ NEW 35” Aluminum Mast

+ Infinity 76 Wing for early lift and ultra-low stall speeds with great rail to rail stability

+ Carbon Wings and Forged Aluminum Fuselage for a stiff and responsive ride

+ Tuneable and customizable with swappable wings, mast lengths and fuselage lengths

+ Tuttle adapter and Track adapters to attach to boards of all types

+ Versatile maneuver oriented performance for all-around freeriding and foiling freestyle

+ Switch fuse with 3 wing position setting, allow you to put the lift exactly where you want it

***US Shipping Addresses ONLY! All International Slingshot orders will be refunded and cancelled.***

Board Info:




The Wizard is Slingshot's windsurf foil board optimized for intermediate to advanced foilers. The super short lengths allow for maximum maneuverability and low swing weight, so you can push your limits! They have just barely enough volume to uphaul easily (choose carefully for your weight, and bear in mind that the foil's weight will make the board feel a bit smaller than comparable volume regular windsurf boards). The 103 is best left to experts- it really has virtually no nose on it! The 105 is much "easier" and the 125 easier yet.

Once you pump up on to the foil, the board all but disappears and you feel like you're floating around on a cloud! So fun!

**US Shipping Addresses only. All International Slingshot orders will be refunded and cancelled.**

Manufacturer's Comments:


Floaty enough to uphaul but compact enough to fit in a station wagon, the Wizard is the future of windsurf foil boards. If you’re beyond the learning curve and ready to feel just how free foiling lets you be, this nimble little nugget is your magic carpet. Once you’ve mastered the basics of windsurf foiling, a shorter, more agile board is the natural evolution. All you need is enough volume to uphaul and pump to a plane. From there, the shorter the board, the more nimble and free it feels on the water (not to mention the easier it is to store and transport). With a more compact platform and less swing weight, the Wizard allows you to progress through tacking, jibing, tricks and jumping in ways you wouldn’t be able to with a larger, heavier board.

SIZES: 103L | 105L | 125L


  • Short, nimble board for experienced foilers
  • Enough volume to uphaul
  • Low front-end swing weight great for tricks and transitions
  • Super compact, great for transporting or traveling
  • Built to withstand high torque and forces of foiling




Volume Length Width Thickness Foil Box Rec. Sail Size
103L 5' (152.4cm) 30" (76.2cm) 4-3/5" (11.7cm) Deep Tuttle 3.0 - 5.0
105L 5'10" (177.8cm) 30" (76.2cm) 4-1/2" (11.4cm) Deep Tuttle 3.5 - 5.2
125L 6'6" (198.1cm) 31" (78.7cm) 4-1/2" (11.4cm) Deep Tuttle 5.0 - 6.5


**US Shipping Addresses only. All International Slingshot orders will be refunded and cancelled.**

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