Tabou 3S LTD 2018


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The New School Tabou 3S:

These short and boxy shapes bring a new sensation to a classic board!  Classic 3S lovers can expect a board with a slightly more lively ride (although the double concave on vee bottom is still in there, so overall it is still quite smooth in chop).  The new 3S is quite a bit more snappy/skateboard like in the turns, offering incredible grip and a very short turning radius.  You can expect a higher top speed on the new 3S as well, due to the flatter rocker and straighter outline.  Fantastic option for riders looking to push the limits a bit more with a board that offers a higher performance potential than the classic super smooth and controllable 3S!

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Manufacturer's Comments:


A compact freewave board for new-school windsurfers who want to have one board for freeriding, wave sailing, freestyling, and bump-n-jumping.


Windsurfer looking for a compact all-around board

A full quiver in just one board, the 3S is a board to ride in all sea conditions, similar to the all-mountain ski in skiing. The 3S planes fast and easily like a freerider but is maneuverable enough to carve in the waves and to try freestyle tricks.

In 2017, we introduced the new compact 3S. The shorter outline makes turning much easier and therefore allowed us to use a straighter rocker, which makes a faster board. The shorter shape also fits better in small cars and boardbags.

The 3S uses a double step tail cutout to increase both speed and maneuverability. In a straight line, the cutouts have less wetted surface area and therefore less drag and a higher top speed. On the rail, the cutouts act like kick tail so that the board turns in a much tighter radius.

How do you choose between the 3S and the 3S Classic?

If you are looking for your first short board, the longer outline of the 3S Classic is better for you. Likewise, you should also go with the 3S Classic if you prefer a board that is more forgiving rather than maneuverable. If you are already comfortable on a short board and want a board to help improve your wave sailing or freestyle while still being fun on flat water, the more compact 3S is a better shape for you.


 Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Box Fin Sail Range
86 220.5 59.5 6.2 Power 25.5 3.7 - 6.1
96 224 61 6.5 Power 30 4.2 - 6.6
106 225 64.5 6.6 Power 32 4.5 - 7.0
116 226 66 6.9 Power 34 4.7 - 7.4