Tabou Rocket Wide LTD 2018


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Tabou's Rocket Wide has long been an outlier in the wide/thin freeride board range- combining all of the smooth handling, control, and wind range that this type of board is famous for, with near slalom board speeds!  The 2018s do not disappoint, and take it one step further by adding the option of getting a foil ready deep tuttle box version in the two largest sizes- the 120 and the 135!

Manufacturer's Comments:



Fast, Modern, Easy: The Rocket Wide is our gift to the modern freerider.


Modern freeriders looking for a high performance and Foilers looking for a high-performance convertible option.

We wanted to make a faster Rocket, so we made it shorter, wider, thinner. The end result is a marriage of freeride and speed: fast in the straights, soft to ride and, easy to jibe. The extra width of the Rocket Wide increases planing surface for better acceleration and to carry speed through lulls which is good in gusty winds or on freshwater lakes. The width also helps to keep speed and balance during jibes. The slalom features in the tail, give the Rocket Wide enough speed to compete against race boards, all with a freeride comfort.

The Rocket Wide is now available in two sizes optimised for easy foil performance. Using the Rocket Wide’s natural acceleration, the foil quickly produces lift and carries you out of the water and flying forward, even in light winds. The wide, flat deck offers comfort and control when riding the foil. Every board comes with a reinforced deep tuttle foil box to withstand the increased pressures caused by the foil. When the wind gets stronger, switch the foil for the supplied G10 fin and experience the freeride magic of the Rocket Wide.



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