Women's 3000 Series 3/3 Short Sleeve Steamer

Neil Pryde

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Long Leg, Short Sleeve, 3mm Steamer

3000 Series

The 3K pares down our windsurfing performance wetsuits to the core: offering only what’s most important. The 3K is the perfect combination of highly flexible single line neoprenes ideal for windsurfing.


  • -Apex Mesh
  • -Apex-Flex
  • -Dura-Flex
  • -Bamboo Charcoal Features
  • -Glued and Blindstitched Seams
  • -FLX Zone
  • -Anti-Choke V-Neck
  • -SCS Wrist Seals
  • -Reinforced Crotch
  • -Latex Embossed Knee Pads
  • -Adjustable Ankle Closure
  • -Debossed Knee-Back
  • Apex-Mesh: The top-performance closed-cell H-Foam neoprene. Soft and highly flexible with an embossed micro-texture for added durability.
  • Bamboo Charcoal: Anti-bacterial and anti-odor inner jersey. This natural fiber is woven into our lining to provide hygiene benefits.

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