Winter Training with PP Jutras!

Well it's hard to believe, but Spring is right around the corner!  And with it comes your first day of windsurfing after a long winter of...  not windsurfing!  The wind is strong, the water is cold, and before you know it you're too exhausted to enjoy the day.  Total bum bum bummer.

Well not this year!!  Our friend PP Jutras is offering a free online training course to help get you prepped for the spring windsurf season!  He is a Certified Personal Trainer/Health and Fitness Specialist, and he has kindly put together an 8 week program of just a few exercises per day to make that first day back on the water a good one!  Follow the links below and get started today!

Facebook Support Group for Tips and Tricks


Phase One Week 1

Phase One Week 2

Phase Two Week 3

Phase Two Week 4

Phase Three Speed and Power!


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