Wing Foil Lessons

Have you seen this new sport?! Also known as "winging" or "wing surfing," this is the newest addition to the windsports! Move over kiteboarding.

man riding a foil board with wing in one hand

How does it work?

A hydrofoil fin on the bottom of the board pairs with an almost weightless inflatable wing to lift you fully out of the water so you can fly along effortlessly. 

Winging in the Outer Banks
With miles and miles of waist-to-chest deep water, the Outer Banks, and particularly the Nags Head area, are a great place to learn to wing.
The water is slightly deeper than on Hatteras Island which opens up many more riding locations! 


Private Wing Foil Lesson

2 hour lesson - $345
1-on-1 instruction, with jet ski support, is the way to go if you want to learn how to wing foil. If this is your first lesson, we will start with the basics.  Depending on your prior experience, we have boards and wings of all sizes to maximize the efficiency of your learning experience.  


1-Day Wing Camp

2 sessions in one day - $595
If you're ready to fully go for it, our 1-Day Camp covers wing flying as well as foil riding. We recommend this option if you know you want to dedicate the time and energy to learning how to wing foil, and are feeling up to the challenge! This is a full day and is physically intense. 

3-Day Learn to Wing Camp

Three days of lessons - $1045
If your goal is to be able to wing foil on your own at your favorite spot, then we suggest the 3-Day camp. We'll cover everything from the very beginning with the goal of getting you up and riding and comfortable with all aspects of the sport, including rigging, launching, riding, and self-rescue. 
Have questions on which is the best lesson for you? Call (252) 300-5050 for more info and a personalized recommendation!
student learning to fly a wing while riding on a stable beginner board during a winging lesson

Intro to Winging

Group lesson (max 4 students)
90 minutes - $150 per person
Requiring absolutely no watersports experience, this introductory lesson covers the basics of wing flying, all from the comfort of a stable, large beginner board with a standard straight fin (no hydrofoil). Great for those who want to experiment with the sport or for groups/families looking to try something new together! 
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