Windsurfing Lessons

 One of the 'Top Things to Do' in the Outer Banks!

student sailing windsurfer in light winds during a lesson

What is windsurfing? Sometimes referred to as "wind boarding" or "board sailing," windsurfing is the sport where a lightweight sail is attached to a large surfboard and you stand on that board, holding the sail in your hands.

Sailing in the Outer Banks

The warm shallow waters of the Albemarle Sound are the perfect place to learn how to windsurf! On a typical summer day, the winds are light to moderate in the morning and early afternoon and then they pick up as the day goes on.

We teach lessons daily in Nags Head, NC!

Whether you're looking for a fun family activity while visiting the OBX or to take your riding skills to the next level, we offer beginner to advanced lessons daily.
group windsurfing lesson with three students sailing along

Learn to Windsurf 101 

Wind Nc

Group lesson (max 4 students), 2 hours - $99 per person

If you've never stepped foot on a windsurfer before, then this lesson is for you! In two hours, you will learn the basics of board riding and sail theory. After a brief 10-15 minute land lesson, you will spend the next 90 minutes on the water. Staying close to your instructor, we'll have you sailing back and forth in no time! 

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lady windsurfing going fast

Intermediate/Advanced Private Lesson

Wind Nc

Private lesson (max 1 student), 2 hours - $150

For those who are looking to take their riding to the next level, we offer private lessons. Popular topics include planning, footstraps/harness, beachstart, waterstart, jibing, fast-tacking, high-end speed, and wavesailing. 

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 windsurf foil board sailing along out of the water

Windsurf Foil

Wind Nc

Private lesson (max 1 student), 2 hours - $300

If you thought windsurfing was fun before, you should try foiling! The feeling of flying above the water in silence is amazing, not to mention the possibilities that open for sailing in light wind conditions! 

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