Goya 60% Carbon Boom


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This ALL NEW Boom from Goya will get you into the world of CARBON, but at a price that's nice!  Stiff and strong, the 60% will outperform aluminum booms, and likely outlast them too!


Reduced Diameter Boom

Goya Windsurfing’s workhorse boom, the “Carbon Pro” now comes in a more affordable build. The “Carbon” features a 60% prepreg carbon monocoque body & extension in a new and optimized lay-up.

Wide and stiff tail ends. Same great feel. Better for the budget. An RDB (Reduced Diameter Boom), it’s slimmer than standard booms, and a touch thicker than Goya’s “Carbon Skinny Pro”. Smaller sizes are 27.5 mm, larger models are 30 mm.

Its three sizes span a nice range of sails.

Double pin locking system.

Available in 190, 210, 240 centimeters.

Adaptor allows use with RDM and SDM masts.

New optimized lay-up.


 Length (cm)
Diameter (mm) Carbon Range (cm) Lock Fit Weight (kg)
140-190 27.5 60 50 Double Pin RDM & SDM 2.25
160-210 27.5 60 50 Double Pin RDM & SDM 2.48
180-240 30 into 36 60 60 Double Pin RDM & SDM 3.15

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