Super Skinny Carbon Boom


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If you are on the lookout for something new and exciting, then we've got something you may be interested in... the Goya Super Skinny Carbon Boom!! Now, we are talking skinny. This thing has a 24.5 mm grip diameter!  

Don't be fooled by it's smaller appearance-  The Goya Super Skinny is a full carbon boom, with monocoque construction, and a fully articulating head. Not only is this boom SUPER light and SUPER stiff, it also has a padded tail piece and absolute length markings. Easy grip and control for an efficient use of energy!  

Check out the video above for a closer look!

Manufacturer's Comments:


The all new Super Skinny carbon boom comes as a full prepreg monocoque body and extension. Its 24.5 mm diameter takes grip reduction one step further. One step more comfortable. One step more in control. It’s hard to get Marcilio Browne on anything else these days- And he knows his toys and tools!

This boom is about as stiff and strong as you can get in the market, nay in carbon technology at large. Double pin locking guarantees a firm fit and ample load distribution between the boom body and the boom extension. The Super Skinny comes with an adapter allowing use with RDM and SDM masts. The Super Skinny comes with wide and stiff tail ends, with built in scuff protectors.  This boom is a no compromise product. 

  • Super Skinny 24.5mm Grip Diameter
  • RDM/SDM compatible
  • Monocoque Front End
  • Twin Pin Adjustment Clips
  • Loop and Go Outhaul Cleat
  • Articulating Head


 Model Arm Diameter Carbon Range (cm) Tech Weight
180 24.5 mm 100% 130-180 Prepreg 2.05kg
190 24.5 mm 100% 140-190 Prepreg 2.11kg
200 24.5 mm 100% 150-200 Prepreg 2.2kg

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