Daylight Single Board Bag (4mm Padding)


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Lightweight, durable, and the perfect fit are the key factors for any board bag. The Daylite checks off all criteria, constructed with 180g White Terpee interior and exterior with 4mm padding. An OEM zipper and soft-grip EVA handle ensure your board stays tucked away and easy to transport, making it the perfect option for daily use from your home to your car to your local spot.

> 225 x 70 cm bag / fits 220 x 55 cm board
> 235 x 70 cm bag / fits 230 x 55 cm board
> 240 x 75 cm bag / fits 235 x 60 cm board
> 245 x 80 cm bag / fits 240 x 65 cm board
> 250 x 85 cm bag / fits 245 x 70 cm board
> 250 x 90 cm bag / fits 245 x 75 cm board
> 255 x 95 cm bag / fits 250 x 80 cm board

NOTE: Sizing is flat bag measurements.  Check the red measurements above for suggestions.  It is generally best to add at least 10cm over the width of your board to get a good fit.  For example, if your board is 65 cm wide, you should get a bag that is at least 75cm wide, or wider if the board is thick/boxy.

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