SUP/Surf Foil Boards

SUP/Surf Foil Boards


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      These boards are designed as crossover boards- you can stand up paddleboard on them, and stick a foil on them too!  Many of them can even be windsurfed, as well, making them a true "Jack of All Trades!"  One board for flat water or wave SUP or windsurf, with the ability to toss on a foil and FLY!  So fun!

      Choose the Slingshot Outwit for dedicated SUP Foiling- either in the waves, or for downwinders, or for use with a SlingWing!  Three sizes from 5'10" up to 7'6" has everyone covered.

      Choose the Naish Hover SUP for a more "traditional" SUP feel- this is a ripping board in regular mode with a fast, squirty feel (somewhat similar to a retro fish surfboard), but you can also stick a foil on it, and a windsurfing sail, too, making it a one board quiver for just about any coastal conditions!

      Choose the Slingshot Flyer for flat water SUP action- it is super fast and directional while paddling, but can also be windsurfed, and you can stick a foil on it too!  Perfect for most any day on the lake, wind or not!