Windsurf Race Boards

Windsurf Race Boards

If you like to go FAST, these boards are for you!  Pair them up with a full-on multi-cam slalom sail or free race sail for best results.  Slalom boards are built with parameters designed to be most comfortable when sailing overpowered, so rig big, and hold on!  They're also generally built for uncompromising world tour racers, so expect a super stiff and light construction!  Most of these boards are best left to sailors who are past the "catapult stage" of the harness/footstrap learning curve to help avoid damage.

Full On Slalom Boards

These are no-compromise boards built for PWA racers- that's right, you can sail the exact same boards that the pros do!  These are designed to be sailed overpowered, all the time, although sometimes the largest sizes will work reasonably well in pump to plane conditions.  These are pretty high strung boards that require full concentration to sail- great for races and relatively short and furious sessions on the water!

The Goya Proton is a full carbon beast of a racing machine- blending insane top speeds with reasonable comfort and control (you can't be fast if you're blowing up all the time!).  Light and stiff, and the largest two sizes are built with Foil Ready Deep Tuttle boxes, so they can double as a windsurf foil board!

Free Race Boards

We include free race boards in the race category, because they're generally about 95% the speed of a pure slalom board, but MUCH easier to sail.  So in reality, the Free Race boards are often faster for the bulk of recreational sailors!  You can also put a broader variety of sails on them, including no-cam freeride sails, and expect to be comfortable and fun to sail with "regular" amounts of sail power, rather than the fully overpowered sailing that feels good on the full slalom boards.  This makes a Free Race board great for all day sessions of blasting back and forth and carving fast planing jibes!

The Goya Bolt shares a lot of characteristics with the Proton, but is a bit wider and has slightly softer rails, especially up front.  Still blazingly fast, but much easier to sail for the bulk of sailors out there!  Perfect for long days of super fast action, and the largest three sizes even come with a Foil Ready Deep Tuttle box, so you can double up and go windsurf foiling, too!