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      WindSUPs are incredibly fun boards to sail in the "worst possibly imaginable" windsurfing conditions ;)  These boards are all capable of being paddled in SUP mode, and if the wind comes up to just 5+ knots, you can stick a sail on them and go for a cruise or go catch a wave.  These are arguably the most versatile windsurfing boards available on the market today!


      Longboards are primarily windsurf oriented, with flat rockers, parallel outlines, and kick down daggerboards to make light wind glide fast and fun!  These are fantastically fun windsurf boards, which will plane if the wind comes up, but are primarily designed for windsurfing in 3-15 knots of wind.  They work great as recreational touring SUPs, too!

      The Windsurfer LT is a super fun board, based off the successes of the original Windsurfer from back in the day!  But fret not, it has been upgraded with modern components, a bit of extra width for stability, and MUCH LIGHTER WEIGHT than the old boards!  The RRD LongRider is a hybrid longboard, which will plane up and feel somewhat like a big freeride board given enough wind and sail power, but in light winds it glides and tracks like a dream!

      Touring SUPs

      Touring SUPs have flat rockers and displacement hulls that are designed to glide glide glide!  Add a sail and you can cruise effortlessly in the lightest of winds- great for a day at the lake!  The Slingshot Flyer 280 covers all of your bases and can even be foiled!  The Quatro Roam Air is a fantastic choice for people with storage limits- it's inflatable and stores in a suitcase sized bag, so you can simply leave it in your closet and grab it on the way out the door!

      Surf SUPs

      These SUPs are designed with surfing in mind, so they tend to have more rocker, thinner rails, and rounder outlines.  Most boards here are designed for recreational surfing in weak, mushy waves, maybe up to head high max.  If the wind comes up and the surf gets blown out- no worries!  Stick a sail on and off you go!  These are great platforms for people learning to wave sail, or experienced wave sailors who just want to capitalize on every possible moment by hitting the water in light winds!

       The SeaLion is the most "windsurf oriented" of these boards, and feels great with a sail on it, side on to side off winds and knee to head high waves.  Fast and fun!  The Quatro Glide comes in lots of different lengths and constructions, and as such can cover a huge range of users and conditions.  There's even an inflatable option!  And the Naish Hover Crossover is a super fun SUP that can even be foiled!!  One board does it all!!