Wing Foils

Wing Foils

These foils will all work great for Wing Surfing!  There are a few things to think about when choosing your foil- your local conditions, your ability level, your board and wing styles, and your goals. The different foils have variations in wing size, fuselage and mast length, construction details, etc.  Many of these foils have "modular" constructions, which means that you can buy different size wings, masts, mounts, etc and swap them out for different conditions or sports.

Slingshot FWing Foil with Infinity 99 Front Wing

The larger the front foil wing, the earlier you'll get up and running, so look to the Slingshot FWing (i99) or FSUP (i84), the Naish 2000 or 2450 Jet Surf Foils, or the GA 2000/2500 for the ultimate in get up and go!  These will allow you to get flying with less wind power in your wing, and will usually be very responsive to foil pumping.  Further, these large foils will help you fly through lulls and transitions, and catch really small waves if you want to explore surfing in mediocre conditions.  These will also help balance out the weight and length of larger boards, so you'll have an easier time getting going and staying up on those 120-150 liter foil boards.  Heavyweights will also benefit greatly from using the largest foil they can find, especially for light wind locations.



Naish Jet HA Foil

If you're using a small, advanced board, and are starting to jump, you can use a faster, smaller foil like the Slingshot FWind/FSurf, Naish 1250/1650 Jet Surf or Jet HA, or Gaastra 1200/1500.  The small boards are lighter and usually pump really well, so you don't need such a large foil to get them going, but you'll need to balance that out with more wind power in your wings.  These smaller foils will be faster and more responsive and playful than their larger siblings, but require more power and a higher skill set to get going on.


Don't forget to double check mounting options to make sure that your foil will be compatible with your board- most wing surf boards will utilize the double US box adjustable tracks for pedestal type mounts, but some boards use a deep tuttle box.  Most of the modular foils have interchangeable mount options, or you could also use a PowerPlate to pair up a pedestal foil with a deep tuttle or powerbox board.

Feel free to reach out with questions for personal recommendations- we're experienced and happy to help!