Goya RDM 50% Carbon Mast


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Goya's low cost RDM- get the perfect match for your Goya windsurfing sails, without breaking the bank!  The 50% Carbon Goya Skinny is a performance oriented mast, built to the same bend curves and stiffness as the higher carbon masts, but in a more budget friendly construction.  No need to go for a random no name aftermarket mast company, which may not rig your Goya sail properly, just to save some dough!


Manufacturer's Comments:

50% RDM Reduced Diameter Mast

50% Carbon. The recreational Goya mast. The best value Goya mast.

This mast is a pretty amazing blend of affordability and great quality. Definitely recommended for the most recreational of conditions, up-hauling, learning the basics of windsurfing, beginning water starting, planing, learning to get into the straps and harness, cruising.

The Fifty has all the same bend and stiffness numbers as the rest of the Goya mast range, but it goes a bit alongside the Surf Trainer mast, it’s good for beginners, and will work well in to the fully powered/full planing range of flat water windsurfing.

If affordability is a factor for you, this is your mast. The opportunity to experience the feel of a Goya rig with matching components. Designed and built to get people going on the water, for the love of our sport.

Available in 340, 370, 400, 430 centimeters.

Built with same length sections for easy handling.


 Length (cm) Diameter IMCS Carbon Bottom Bend Top Bend Tech Weight (kg) Color
310 RDM 12 50% 65% 76% Prepreg Carbon 1.24 Violet
340 RDM 14 50% 65% 78% Prepreg Carbon 1.47 Violet
370 RDM 16 50% 64.5% 79% Prepreg Carbon 1.65 Violet
400 RDM 18 50% 64.5% 79% Prepreg Carbon 1.85 Violet
430 RDM 21 50% 64% 78% Prepreg Carbon 2.1 Violet

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