Goya RDM 70% Carbon Mast


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The Goya 70% RDM is an awesome choice for most any sailor out there- it is LIGHT (lighter than the 90% RDM in fact), well finished, and it comes with a bag!  This mast is suitable for average conditions- lakes/rivers/small ocean waves.  If you're heading out in big heavy waves, you might consider the 90% RDM instead.  But for everyone else who wants a nice, light mast, without breaking the bank, the 70% is the way to go!

Reduced Diameter Goya Mast:  Made to Perform, Made in Italy

70% Carbon. Value that’s a cut above. This mast delivers outstanding performance and durability at an affordable price. Having three years of heritage, the Seventy has proven itself well worthy to be part of the Goya brand legacy.

Simply because 70% carbon is less than 90 % carbon doesn’t mean our more affordable masts come with any less quality control. We ensure that each Goya masts lives up to the very expectation we have established and delivered over the years.

Available in 310, 340, 370, 400, 430, 460, 490 centimeters.

Peel Ply anti-slip boom area prevents sliding.
Built with same length sections for easy handling.

Goya RDM 70% Mast Specs:

Length (cm) IMCS Base Bend Top Bend Weight (kg)
310 12 65% 76% 0.94
340 14 65% 78% 1.2
370 16 64.5% 79% 1.4
400 18 64.5% 79% 1.54
430 21 64% 78% 2.03
460 26 64% 77% 2.25
490 30 64% 77% 2.66

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