Takuma Kujira Foil 980 Wing + 75 Mast Aluminum
Takuma Kujira Foil 980 Wing + 75 Mast Aluminum
Takuma Kujira Foil 980 Wing + 75 Mast Aluminum

Takuma Kujira Foil 980 Wing + 75 Mast Aluminum

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The All-New Kujira Foil from Takuma utilizes one of the most unique front wings on the market!  Said to mimic the shape of a humpback whale's pectoral fin, these foils have pronounced ridges along the leading edge, which help create incredible lift, glide, and responsiveness!  It's a good source of inspiration- after all, these 40-50 foot long, 25+ ton whales are often seen jumping clear out of the water, so clearly there is some amazing power there!

Humpback Whale Image by Alan Bedding from Pixabay

Technology Mimicking Nature!  Note the Tubercles on the Humpback Whale's Pectoral Fin (above) as compared to the Takuma Kujira Foil Wing (below).

Takuma Kujira Foil Wing Detail


The unique shape of this wing allows for incredible lift and glide, so users can choose wing sizes slightly smaller than normal.  Benefits of smaller foil wings include increased top speed and maneuverability, and decreased weight and drag.

Incredibly, the ALUMINUM version of this foil weighs just 8.4 pounds complete with 75cm mast and 1210 wing set!!  Incredibly light!!

Check out this third party, super in depth review here!  (click on [cc] for english subtitles)

More Info:

Takuma introduces the new Kujira foil, inspired by humpback whales.The name Kujira is Japanese for whale. There is an element of biomimicry in the innovation and engineering process of the Kujira foil, as it is fully inspired by humpback whales.

The design: The Kujira foil was designed by Laurent Borgna, well known for having already shaken things up in the foiling world with his work on the LOL Profoil range, and Cyril Coste, the founder of Takuma.

Takuma Kujira Foil

The revolutionary tubercle design is inspired by the pectoral fin of humpback whales
who are known for their agility, power and efficiency. Takuma wanted to implement this anomaly into the Kujira foil, and managed to do it by reproducing and adding whale-like bumps to the design. After a numerous prototypes, modifications and adjustments to the shape and profile of the bumps, computer simulations, and hours of testing in all conditions, there was a clear, distinct and enormous improvement in terms of lift, glide, stability and comfort in the new foils. This remarkable extra lift allows the rider to use a smaller wing with better performance creating exceptionally smooth flight and glide even at low speed. The signature LOL upturned winglets are also found on the Kujira. Retaining the winglets on our hydrofoils give them much more efficient glide and lift with significantly less drag allowing the rider a feeling of extra comfort while foiling.

Takuma Kujira Foil SUP Wave

All riders can immediately feel the benefits of the Kujira foil, even non professional foilers. The Kujira is an extremely well rounded foil for surf and wing foiling, but is also perfectly adapted for more advanced level open ocean downwind foiling.

The Kujira In a Nutshell :

· Exceptionally Maneuverable
· Smooth and Stable on take off
· Extraordinarily Reactive
· Remarkably Stable at a low speed

Takuma Kujira Wingsurf Jump

Performance features : 

- New tubercle design inspired by the humpback whales’ pectoral fin.

- Takumas LOL designed upturned winglets gives our foils more efficient glide and lift with significantly less drag allowing the rider a more secure balanced feeling while foiling.

- Additional width and chord creates extreme glide with improved agility and acceleration while retaining excellent turning and carving in all conditions.

- Effortless low and high speed control.

Wing Details by size

Kujira front wing 750

An Evolution in performance and speed

The Kujira front wing 750 is designed for expert riders who are looking for performance and speed in serious conditions.

We are extremely excited to introduce our new 750 foil wing which is especially designed for the new era of wingriding and tow-foiling.

The Kujira front foil wing 750 is the ideal option for riders seeking extreme performance with unmatched lift, speed and glide while most importantly maintaining control.

Kujira front wing 980

Performance, speed and carving

The Kujira front wing 980 is designed for riders who need a foil that offers excellent performance in almost all ocean conditions you will encounter.

The Kujira 980 wing is the ultimate choice for wingfoiling, prone and downwind foiling in mild to heavy conditions.

Kujira front wing 1210

All-around foil

The Kujira 1210 front foil wing is designed for riders looking for an all around model with the widest variety of uses. This hydrofoil is the ultimate, most versatile, high performing maneuverable front wing on the market.

This model is exceptional in all conditions providing fantastic pumping ability, incredible glide and smooth carving.

This foil gives riders at all levels unmatched control and stability, you’ll be double dipping plenty of waves, carving smoothly on every bump and accomplishing astonishing glide on every ride.

Kujira front wing 1440


This Kujira 1440 front wing is the ultimate choice for riders in search of non stop glide, an absolute downwind machine.

This front wing generates unparalleled power for a 1440 cm2 surface allowing the rider a super early, smooth and easy take-off immediately followed by extraordinary acceleration that is so necessary in downwind.



 Foil Set
Front Wing Span (mm) Front Wing Chord (mm) Front Wing Area (cm2) Back Wing Span (mm) Back Wing Chord (mm) Back Wing Area (cm2) Mast Length Options (cm)
750 750 200 Carbon 75, Alum 75, Alum 85
980 800 155 980 390 68 220 Carbon 75, Alum 75, Alum 85
1210 935 162 1210 390 68 220 Carbon 75, Alum 75, Alum 85
1440 1440 390 68 220 Carbon 75, Alum 75, Alum 85

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